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Window PakPal Set of 2   #98200

It's Always Good to See What You're Getting Into.

These PakPals have a clear advantage, you can see into

The clear panel of marine grade vinyl allows you to

quickly see the contents, before you open them

which is especially handy if you have many parts bags

with an assortment of items inside. 

The Window PakPal Set features are--
·  Tough, waterproof nylon pack cloth
·  Clear, marine-grade vinyl windows
·  Heavy-duty zipper
·  Convenient end loop for easy zipper closing
·  Ideal for kits, parts and accessories.
·  Window PakPals fit into all ToolPak bags and packs.


Look inside, it's two different pliers. That was quick.


The features of the individual PakPals in the set are-

Black Window PakPal
·  9 X 10 inches overall size
·  7 X 8 inch window
·  Black 500 denier nylon

Red Window PakPal
·  7 X 8 inches overall
·  3½ X 6 inch window
·  Red 500 denier nylon

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