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The StuffBags

Perfect for all kinds of stuff. 

Easy-to-store StuffBags come in solid, enviro-green, waterproof nylon.
StuffBags organizers fill several organizational needs.
Need an extra layer of security when traveling with your ToolPak, get an Extra Large Stuff.
·  These bags hold soft stuff, like clothing, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, ropes and rain gear.
·  They hold hard stuff like boots, crampons, food, hiking stoves and fuel bottles.

StuffBags are available in four sizes:
·  Small               #99910      15"  Long   X  17"   in circumference
·  Medium          #99920      17"  Long   X  21"   in circumference
·  Large               #99930      20"  Long   X  29"   in circumference   
·  Extra Large    #99940      25"  Long   X  34"   in circumference

Copy of Medium Green StuffBag.jpg
Large Green StuffBag.jpg
Extra Large Green StuffBag.jpg
circumference diagram.jpg
Small Green StuffBag.jpg

All StuffBags are made from environ-green, waterproof, 420 denier coated nylon and have a grey, parachute cord drawstring with a push-button friction clamp.


Calculate the correct size by measuring the 

circumference and length of the items you wish

to hold in your StuffBag or buy a couple of each 

size.  They're inexpensive.

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