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8 Pocket WrenchWrap   #03300

Medium-sized Wrenches have a place of their own.

NSN: 5140-01-354-7023

Organize your middle size wrenches in this

This is the bigger brother of the 7 Pocket

WrenchWrap, we call it the 8 Pocket WrenchWrap. 
Made for the next wrench sizes, with the possibility

of some overlap in sizes, if you wish, the 8 Pocket

WrenchWrap is easily distinguishable from its

smaller brother when side-by-side in your ToolPak. 

The features of the 8 Pocket WrenchWrap are--
·  Made from durable black pack cloth.
·  Holds a 8 piece set of SAE wrenches

(3/8  inch to 3/4 inch) or an 8 piece

Metric set (6 MM to 18 MM.)
·  Flap covers the wrenches and then the 8 Pocket WrenchWrap rolls-up and ties-up with 2 tie-offs.
·  Laying flat with the flap open, the 8 Pocket WrenchWrap is about 16 ½ inches tall and 10 inches wide.
·  Laying flat with the flap closed, it's about 10 ½ inches tall and 10 inches wide.
·  Rolled-up with wrenches, the 8 Pocket WrenchWrap is about 10 inches tall and 3 inches around.


8 Pocket TR.jpg
8PWW transcent tactical_edited_edited_ed
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