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13 Pocket WrenchWrap # 03200

The Big Wrap with a Flap.

NSN # 5140-01-354-3516

We started making this 13 Pocket

WrenchWrap for the military and soon added it

to our line as a permanent item.

If you are in the military and looking for the

ToolPak brand using the NSN # 5140-01-354-3516

as a reference , you'll have to get it factory direct

to get the ToolPak brand, Big 13 pocket

This WrenchWrap is made for a big 13 piece set

starting with a 1" wide wrench pocket and going

to a 2 ½" wide wrench or the Metric equivalent

of 23MM to 60MM wide pockets.
Hover your cursor over a pocket to see its width.
The Features of the 13 Pocket WrenchWrap are--
·  13 graduated pockets
·  Two nylon tape tie-offs
·  Made from the flexible and durable 500 denier pack cloth with nylon taped edges for extra durability.

·  Flat, the The 13 Pocket WrenchWrap is 29 inches tall (the flap nearly doubles the 17 inch height) and 18 inches wide.
·  Rolled-up with wrenches, it's about 18 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. 

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