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The ToolPak DayPak    #94100

This pack is built to take-it.

Call it a day pack, rucksack or back pack, the ToolPak DayPak is the tough, waterproof bulk parts carrier that has been adopted by many other users because it is so rugged.

Warrantied for a year, I don't think we have ever had one returned for warranty.
The ToolPak DayPak is a pack that you'll use every day--hence the name. 

Made to carry just about anything, bulky parts to your work clothes and lunch, the DayPak is tough and durable.
Here are the DayPak's features
·  Made of waterproof, 1000 denier nylon.
·  Double thick layered bottom.
·  Extra thick padding on the back panel to make carrying bulky parts more comfortable.
·  Heavily padded triple-sewn shoulder straps.
·  Study web handle strap at the top.
·  Large zippered main compartment.
·  2 zippered outside compartments.
·  4 easy-access external holders.
·  Double-sewn, covered inside seams.
·  All black with a red accent front panel.
·  Durable ToolPak zipper.
·  Dimensions: 18" X 14" X 10"
·  Volume: 2520 cubic inches.
·  Ideal for carrying large parts, like condensers or motors, into hard to access places.


·  Other Uses.?

Got kids who can destroy those wimpy school packs?
Get them this industrial strength DayPak.

"'s the 3-year Champion of "SMASH", the junior high game of colliding book-filled, school packs..", says Aaron Farland of Vancouver, Washington. No comment from Aaron on how the books fared.   Aaron is now 30 and still has his DayPak.

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