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The ToolRolls

Tools don't rattle in a roll.

Here you see a preview of the ToolRolls.

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ToolRolls organize a variety of hand tools that lay flat when open and roll and tie off with a cord or fabric tape to form a secure bundle.

The classic ToolRoll has a top flap that covers one end of the tools while the classic RalleyRoll has two rows of tool pockets that face each other and then roll up and secures with fabric tape and a buckle.

Orignal ToolRoll







13 Pocket RalleyRoll





Basic 5 Pocket ToolRoll






15 Pocket RalleyRoll






Deluxe 5 Pocket ToolRoll

15prr inside with tools.jpg

9 Pocket RalleyRoll

9 Pocket Ralley Roll Inside With Tools 2
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