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EZ Pulls   #98400

They're Pulling for You.

EasyPulls are an low-cost attachment to a zipper that make zippers easier to grasp and open.
Universal, they attach to any zipper slider pull, the part of the zipper that moves. 
When you add EasyPulls to your zippers, they become easier to grab and to open. 
This is especially handy if you wear gloves, have big hands or both.
The features of EasyPulls are--
·  A must for zippers used while wearing gloves.

·  Made of 750# test grey parachute cord.
·  Large nylon end grip
·  Overall length 3 inches.  Just big enough

In the picture to the right, we are adding the fourth EasyPull to this Climber backpack's zippers.  See how the end is put through the loop and pulled to attach.

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