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ToolCaddie   #01300

The toolbelt for your handtruck.

Improve your warehousing efficiency with theToolCaddie; it turns any hand truck into a work station.
Fits every kind of hand truck with its versatile 8-point attachment system.
Move and pause your cursor on a picture for more detailed measurements and features.

The ToolCaddie features are:
· Eight rugged webbing straps that attach the ToolCaddie securely to your hand truck.
· Four Vertical Straps with buckles, adjust to the hand truck's height and center the ToolCaddie, top and bottom.
· Four Horizontal Straps with Velcro straps adjust to the hand truck's width and center the ToolCaddie, right and left.
· Large document pocket holds clipboard-size documents.
· Large, pleated gear pocket that is ideal for a tape gun
· Three internal tool pockets for pens, box

cutters or plier.
· Clip ring for keys or lable tags
· Made of tough, 1000 denier nylon Dupont

· The pocket panel is about 12 ½ inches wide,

and 11 inches tall
· Bottom straps with buckles are about 22 inch straps make 10 inch loop attachments
· Top straps with buckles have about a 9 inch strap to make 4 inch loop attachmentsstraps with Velcro have about an 11 inch strap that make 5 inch loop attachements.

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