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The ToolPak TankPak.   #04100

The Safe, Hands-Free Carrying of Refrigerant Tanks and Bulky Parts.

Overstock Sale! The TankPak is designed to haul gas cylinders or bulky parts while allowing you to keep your hands free for more important things, like holding on to the ladder, safety railing or your coffee cup.

Overstock Sale Only $9.99 Each

Here are the TankPak features--
·  Carries refrigeration tanks or large parts in the TankPak
·  Secures tanks with a drawing closure, drawn tight with a parachute cord drawstring and push-button cinch clamp. 
·  The TankPak is made from two layers of puncture resistant 1000 denier nylon that sandwiches protective foam that surrounds then the sides and bottom, protecting you and the tank.
·  Fits most 30# refrigerant tanks.
·  Comfortable padded shoulder straps with adjustable buckle.
·  The tie-down loops circle the TankPak so you can attach straps to secure it into your truck and then attach gear or tank hoses when you carry it.
·  The see through, 6" X 7", label pocket is made to display the OSHA gas label or other labels.
·  Dimensions: 16" Tall. 32 inches in circumference

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