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The ToolPak ToolBelt    #92650

The Safety ToolBelt.

Our belt-style, ToolPak ToolBelt features soft-sided

construction which conforms to its contents, allowing

it to be sleeker and more streamlined. 
The belt-style, ToolPak ToolBelts are ideal for carrying

tools where it is crucial that they do not fall out or

strike the surroundings; moving through narrow

passageways, climbing scaffolding or ladders, or

crawling under, over and through machinery.

An ideal Safety Gear and Respirator Pack: 

Talk about perfect, several industrial suppliers have

found that The ToolPak ToolBelt is the solution to carrying and containing respirators and safety equipment.  You'll recognize our ToolPak ToolBelt as the same one the big industrial suppliers offer.

ToolPak ToolBelt features are--
·  3 internal compartments. 
·  Double layered lid. 
·  3 tool pockets in the lid.  
·  Sleek, soft-sided design conforms to

its contents.  
·  2" quick-release buckle.  50". 
·  Double-pull zipper. 
·  Made of tough, black 1000 denier

·  Dimensions: 12" X 6" X 6"  
·  Volume: 216 cubic inches


Carrying Options: Some carry the ToolPak ToolBelt like a pack, over one shoulder or bandolier-style over one shoulder and under the adjacent arm. Others are more traditional, wearing it around the waist with the pack in back or front.

Many find it very comfortable centering it over one hip.

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