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Perfect for bulky items.

Packs easily with a zipper that opens three of the sides of this duffel, you have the ultimate in easy access.  Unzip it open and load it from the top like a duffle bag or zip it half way and load it from the end--like a stuff bag. Thousands used by scouts at a National Jamboree, hence the name. 

The features of the Scout Duffle are--

·  Three-sided zippered opening allows loading from the end or side.
·  Tough, wrap-around web handle that allows carrying like a backpack, which comes in handy at the airport.
·  Lockable ToolPak zippers.
·  All black to stay clean looking.
·  Made from 420 denier nylon.


·  Length: 31 inches X 16 X 7 inches.
·  Volume: 3472 cubic inches.

The Scout Duffel, # 04200

A lightweight, gear-hauling Duffel.

Tom carries a duffel on his shoulders.
The 400 denier Scout Duffel is filled up.
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