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ShoulderStrap   #96700

The Optional ShoulderStrap for your ToolTote or UtilityBag.

If you purchased a ToolTote , #93200 or UtilityBag, #96400, the ShoulderStrap is an option that you may wish to consider. 
It is not included with either item, but some find that a ShoulderStrap makes all the difference as the "hands-free" option.
It's a very nice padded strap with twist-proof buckles made with smooth pack cloth.


The features of the Shoulderstrap are-- 
·  High density foam padding covered with durable nylon pack cloth.
·  All black.
·  1½ inch nylon strap
·  Adjustable to 58"
·  Sturdy non-conductive, nylon buckles

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