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The ChartPaks in 2 Sizes 

Heavy-Duty. Large Document Protectors 
ChartPaks holding come charts.

 L: #99500 


Finally, a document protector that's more than a glorified sandwich bag. 


Read blueprints, charts, atlases and the like in the rain, snow or dust storms without destroying your valuable documents.


The ChartPaks have enough weight to make them stay where they are put--especially handy in a big wind.

Putting documents in the big zippered openning.

Here are the ChartPak features--
·  A heavy PVC coated nylon bottom
.·  Heavy, marine-grade vinyl window that can be written upon with an erasable

marker or grease pencil.
·  ChartPaks have enough mass to not blow away.   Great for windy cockpits .
·  Available in two sizes for big and really big documents.
·  Fits marine cruising atlas and NAOA charts. Measure yours to pick the

correct size. Make those $100 atlases last more than one season!
·  Covered zipper flap with a tough ToolPak zipper.
·  Part Number: #99500,  Large ChartPak = 14 inches X 16 inches
·  Part Number: #99510 Extra Large ChartPak = 16 inches X 19 inches

A ChartPak at a windy helm.
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