Window PakPal 10X13 #99300

Window PakPal 10X13 #99300

SKU: 99300

Organize and protect daily work orders and bills of lading, important receipts and paperwork. Keep instruction manuals on the machine, protected and convenient.
·  Protect maps and driving directions.    
·  On the back of this PakPal is a self adhesive Velcro strip., shown here.    Attach the sticky piece to a convenient spot in machinery cabinets, at maintenance locations or other convenient location.    NowWindowPakPal 10x13, PakPal, document case, adhesived Velcro, marine-grade vinyl, document, protector, manual case,

see-into, window you have a permanent location for your documents that allows you to remove and replace them back in the EXACT spot as often as needed.

The Window PakPal 10X13 features are--
·  This is PakPal protects all types of flat items from wind and weather.
·  Ideal for documents and big enough for a clipboard.
·  The 8 1/2" X 11" marine-grade vinyl allows viewing of an entire document
·  Made of waterproof nylon pack cloth.
·  Heavy-duty ToolPak zipper with two pull-strips.
·  Dimensions: 10 inches X 13 inches.

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