Safety ToolPak Original #90650

Safety ToolPak Original #90650

SKU: 90650

Who Uses ToolPaks?
ToolPaks are widely used by business, industry and government.
They include--
Elevator installation, repair and maintenence
Oil and gas exploration and production
HVAC technicians and installers,
Power generation plant technicians
Manufacturing facilities
A wide variety tool users who realize that organization and portability are the keys to efficiency and preparedness. Elevator maintenance technicians rely on its ergonomic and safety, photocopy repair, piano tuners and crane technicians tell of the benefits of the tool organization afforded by the ToolPak Original.    

In the armed forces in the US and Canada, you'll find ToolPaks used by the Army's Night Stalker Divisions, the Navy's Trident Fleet, Coast Guard, Air Force, their B-2 Bomber Squadrons, as well as Government agencies including CIA, FBI, White House Communications Staff, USPS, USFS, Department of Homeland Security, a variety of enforcement agencies and many more.


Color: Black
  • The ToolPaks features include--

    ·  106 pockets and holders utilizing a unique system that keeps tools in place.
    ·  Fully Adjustable Pockets: Don't have a pocket that fits a tool?  
    Carefully select the location, then remove the stitch-line between two pockets and voila`; a bigger pocket.  For Video Instructions, Select this video Making Pockets Bigger.
    ·  Rigid panel design made from layers of waterproof, 1000 denier nylon creates a water-proof exterior to protect tools from moisture.
    ·  Ergonomic shoulder straps with convenient utility loops.
    ·  Comfortable, heavily-padded back panel.
    ·  Comfortable. leatherette wrapped, padded handles
    Six Individual Panels include:
    ·  Panel #1: Large Document Panel with room for large tools or a laptop
    ·  Panel #2:  Screwdriver Panel with 30 holders for screwdriver-like tools up to 18 inches long
    ·  Panel #3: Pliers Panel with 9 pockets for pliers-shaped tools
    ·  Panel #4: Utility Panel with 16 pockets for tools up to 16 inches tall
    ·  Panel #5: Wrench Panel with two wrench organizers; a 14 pocket organizer for a set ranging from 3/8" to 1 1/4" and a 9 pocket organizer for small electrical wrench sets 1/8" to 5/16"
    ·  Panel #6: Socket Panel with 20 elastic holders with stop pockets to keep tools from sliding out and 9 pockets for drives, extensions and socket bars.   
    ·  Two outside pockets. 
    ·  TheTop Pocket: Contains a specialized Trouble Light Loop with quick-release buckle but this pocket is still large enough for a cordless or Partsbags, WrenchWraps and ToolRolls, meters and sensors, safety equipment.
    ·  The Bottom Pocket: It's large enough for our Partsbags, WrenchWraps and ToolRolls, drills and drivers, meters and sensors, safety equipment.
    ·  Lockable, heavy-duty ToolPak brand zippers.
    ·  Made from layers of waterproof, 1000 denier nylon.
    ·  Dimensions: 18.5" tall X 14"wide X 4" to 10" thick, depending upon the contents


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