Giant 21 Pocket WrenchWrap #98600

Giant 21 Pocket WrenchWrap #98600

SKU: 98600


The Giant 21 Pocket WrenchWrap is almost one square yard of1000 denier nylon. 

The Giant 21 WrenchWrap is made for the ARMY's tank corps and has pockets ranging from  3½" wide and 11 inches tall to about 1¼ inches wide and 5 inches tall.  Depending on the brand of wrenches you have, a set of 21 wrenches from 1½ inches to ½ inch SAE will fit.


The Giant ToolRolls features are--
·  21 pockets.
·  Incremental pocket range from 1¼ inches wide and 5 inches to to 3½ wide and 11 inches deep.
The wrench shown here is a 1½ inch that is 14 inches tall.  See it in the largest pocket?   It looks small, doesn't it?  It's a BIG wrap.
·  Made from very tough green, 1000 denier coated nylon.It's 14 inches tall
·  All edges are seam taped for durability.
·  Two ribbon tie-offs.

Overall Dimensions:
·  Length: 36 inches. 
·  Height: 30 inches.

Color: Green

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