ChartPak in Two Sizes #99500 or 99510

ChartPak in Two Sizes #99500 or 99510


Here are the ChartPak features--
·  A heavy PVC coated nylon bottom
.·  Heavy, marine-grade vinyl window that can be written upon with an erasable

marker or grease pencil.
·  ChartPaks have enough mass to not blow away.   Great for windy cockpits .
·  Available in two sizes for big and really big documents.
·  Fits marine cruising atlas and NAOA charts. Measure yours to pick the

correct size. Make those $100 atlases last more than one season!
·  Covered zipper flap with a tough ToolPak zipper.
·  Part Number: #99500,  Large ChartPak = 14 inches X 16 inches
·  Part Number: #99510 Extra Large ChartPak = 16 inches X 19 inches


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