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Perfect for all kinds of stuff.        

                  Stuff Bags                                                                                MeshBags     

small stuffbag photo
Medium StuffBag
Large Stuffbag
Extra Large StuffBag

MeshBagEasy-to-store StuffBags come in solid, envro-green, waterproof nylon or durable nylon mesh.
Our nylon mesh bags we call MeshBags--catchy name?
StuffBags or MeshBags, these draw-string-bag organizers fill several organizational needs.
Need an extra layer of security when traveling with your ToolPak, get an Extra Large Stuff.
Travelling and need someplace to separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones--use a StuffBag.MeshBags in Two sizes.
Got wet gear like gloves or boots, use a MeshBag.
·  These bags hold soft stuff, like clothing, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, ropes and rain gear.
·  They hold hard stuff like boots, crampons, food, hiking stoves and fuel bottles.
·  StuffBags are made from environ-green, waterproof, 420 denier coated nylon.
·  MeshBags are made from extremely durable, 700 denier nylon mesh.
·  Both have a grey, parachure cord drawstring with a push-button friction clamp.

circumference diagramStuffBags are available in four sizes:
·  Small:             #99910            15" Long         X  17" in circumference
·  Medium:         #99920            17" Long         X  21" in circumference
·  Large             #99930            20" Long         X 29" in circumference   
·  Extra Large    #99940            25" Long         X 34" in circumference
MeshBags are availible in two sizes:
·  Large              #98800        18" Long        X 11" Tall        X    11" Wide
·  Extra Large     #99700        22" Long        X 17" Tall        X    17" Wide

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