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gifmoviePakPal Set of Three, # 93100
The Part Bags with a Million Uses.

Coyote PP Set inthe ShopThe PakPal Original Set of three, shown here, is s our first kind of parts and small tool organizing bags that fit into all our bags and packs.
Tools from wire ties to Allen Keys, find a place so you can find them when you need them.Coyote PP with fasteners
·  You get three parts bags in three graduated sizes.
·  Made of 420 denier nylon pack cloth.
·  Durable ToolPak zipper.
·  Convenient end loop for easy zipper closing or tie a lanyard to it.
·  End loop also works a attachment point for key rings or labels.
·  PakPals fit into all our other organizers.
·  The 3 sizes per set are--
·  Size: Large, Color: Red: Dimensions 8 inches X 7 inches
·  Size: Medium, Color: Black, Dimensions: 7 inches X 6 inches
·  Size: Small, Color: Red, Dimensions: 6 inches X 5 inchesPPintoTP

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