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Hammeringman animaitonToolPaks: the original, tool-organizing packs from Lakewood, Washington.
Hands-free carrying of your tools for greater safety, efficiency and improved profitability.
ToolPak Original with 106 places for toolsHammeringman animaitonToolPaks fill an important role for...
·    Crane mechanics, maintenance and installation personel need "hands-free" portability.
 ·    Petroleum exploration and production facilities utilize the ToolPak's portability and organization.
 ·    Power generation locations appreciate its compactness.
 ·    Industrial production, safety and maintenance, benefit from its ability to organize a complete tool set.
 ·    Elevator technicians, focused upon safety, replace dangerous toolbelts with the ToolPak back backs and tool organizers
As do all of the following users:
·     HVAC installation, maintenance and repair
 ·    First Responders
 ·    All branches of Armed forces and Government, including  NASA,  CERN, FBI, SOAR, JPL, Department Homeland Security, CIA, USCG, DOT, US Navy,  US Army, USAF, DOD, US Secret Service, NSA, White House Communications Staff, to name a few.
 ·    Mining  ·    Photocopier mainenance and repair
·    Port facilities and crane maintenance  ·    Theater and movie production ·    Aviation mechanics
And everybody who needs to be organized!

  Hammeringman animaitonThanks to our loyal customers who have called with great stories about ToolPaks. 
This week, two Toopak users, one a theater technician from New York and the other a trade show technician from Clermont Florida, called to replace their worn ToolPaks.  The theater tech's pack was 15 years old and shared some very kind praise about ToolPaks.  The trade show tech's pack was 14 years old.  His wife, who called in the order, said that he had run over his pack with his truck, twice, and it still worked.
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 Other Products
      Popular ToolPak products include the ToolPak tool-organizing backpacks; the
ToolPak Original (#90650), shown above, and the 4 Panel (#03100)
      New Safety products include the ToolVest (#94350) and ProTote (#96600)  with flourescent orange and reflective strips. 
  TheToolPak ToolBelt (#92650) is widely used for safety gear like respirators.  It has a zippered lid to keep tools from falling out.
 Don't overlook the wide variety of
tool rolls, wraps and parts organizers to complete your tool organization, like the 13 Pocket WrenchWrap shown here.
    Hammeringman animaitonTo use this site, on the Topmost Menu, Click on any Picture or Word to see a category of ToolPaks. 
    For example,  select PACKS to see all the packs-styles or CASES to see our cases.
  ProTote, #96600  ToolBelt #92650
Perfect Safety Gear Organizer
    13 Pocket WrenchWrap, #10300
PT FP 13pww

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