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7 Pocket WrenchWrap # 10100
Getting the Little Wrenches Organizedrolled1234567strapflapThese wrenches represent your wrench set .  Put your cursor lower to see the pocket dimensions.Small WrenchWrap for 7 wrenches

The 7 pocket wrench wrap is tiny, with the flap down it's just 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
The wrenches it holds are even smaller and easy to lose, that's why you need this WrenchWrap.  It's the perfect wrench wrap to organize your smallest wenches.
The features of the 7 Pocket WrenchWrap are--
·  Holds a seven-wrench SAE set from 1/8 inch to 5/8 inches
·  Holds a seven-wrench Metric set from 5 MM to 12 MM.
· Top flap folds to cover tools and then the 7 Pocket WrenchWrap rolls and ties closed with two nylon ties.
·  Made of black, 420 denier nylon with nylon taped edges.
·  Easily fits into all ToolPak Packs and Bags.
·  Laying flat with the flap open, as shown here; 13 inches tall x 7 inches wide
·  Laying flat with flap closed; 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide
·  Rolled up: 8 inches tall and 1½ inches in diameter 
Exact duplicate of the NSN:  5140-01-356-8772, Rolls, Tools and Accessories

Hammering ManPlace and Pause your cursoron feature shown in a photo to see dimensions and other feature details.
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