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The Safer ToolBelt.

Donald is in the crawlspace with a ToolBeltCrawl on your belly, stand on your head, our tool organizing toolbelt has a zippered lid designed to keep your tools INSIDE the toolbelt.  The ToolPak ToolBelt is a secure, easy-to-carry safety gear organizer that has a variety of popular applications from safety equipment carrier to production-line maintenance kit bag.FannyPak with respirator

The ToolPak ToolBelt features are-- 
·  Our ToolBelt features soft-sided construction which conforms to its contents, allowing it to be sleeker and more streamlined. 
·  3 internal compartments. 
·  Double layered lid. 
·  3 tool pockets in the lid.  
 ·  Sleek, soft-sided design conforms to its contents.  
·  2" quick-release buckle. 
·  Waist strap adjusts to over 50".  The ToolBelt is widely used as a respirator pack.
·  Double-pull zipper. 
·  Made of tough, black 1000 denier nylon.