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15 Pocket RallyRoll #18200                                    Click to Order
A RallyRoll with 15 inside pockets                    NSN# 5140-00-356-4503

15 pocket RallyRoll #18200
No tools inside the 15ptr15 pocket RallyRoll shown from the back.15 pocket rallyRoll is shown rolled up.

     This small fifteen pocket tool roll is designed in the rally roll configuration, meaning two rows of pockets facing each other with each row covered with a flap.
This model is made for small tools and has a row of 7 pockets facing a row of 8 pockets to make it the 15 Pocket RallyRoll.
    Originally made for the US ARMY, NSN # 5140-00-356-4503, the 15 Pocket RallyRoll is made of 1000 denier OD Green nylon.  It has a flap which covers each row and then rolls-up and is secured with a 1 inch black nylon strap and nylon buckle, making a nice tool kit.
    All the pockets are 3 inches deep and will hold a tool that is 7 inches tall.
    The widths of the pockets vary from 1 inch to 1.5 inches.
    Length: 12"  Width: 8"