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The Original ToolRoll, # 93400
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Tools Don't Rock and Rattle in a Roll
ToolRoll in red and black.
    The 14 pocket ToolRoll Roll-up makes a neat 14 tool kit that rolls up to fit inside drawers, glove compartments and ToolPaks.    
    When you need a multi-tool organizer, start with a 14 Pocket ToolRoll.    
    The 14 Pocket ToolRoll features are--
·  14 items in this tough ToolRoll.
·  Made from waterproof 420 denier, nylon pack cloth.
·  14 pockets of varying width.
·  Double sewn and covered edges for durability.
·  Top folds down, over the bottom row of tools and then rolls up and ties securely.
·  750# grey parachute cord tie-cord..
·  2 brass grommets in the top corners for wall mounting.
·  Makes a super "fit-anywhere" kit.
·  Flat, open dimensions as in picture: About 11" X 21". · 
·  Rolled dimensions vary with contents: About 9" long and 4" wide as shown
Hammeringman animationPLACE and PAUSE on a pocket or other feature in the photo for more detailed information.