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ToolPak ProTechPak Vrs a 20-Ton Cement Mixer
Good afternoon Toolpak,
I am emailing you guys with a smile on my face today.
First......Thanks for making great products!!!!!
20 Ton Mixer Vrs ProTechPakI was cleaning out my photos when I found this one and thought I would share my story.

I have been using #99800 Briefcase for 6 years now in the Industrial Sales business for south MS.
It has housed my notebook, 2 rulers, 6" calipers, flashlight, tape measure, and various other items.
I was making a sales call at a large block plant when this happened.......

1) The Briefcase was sitting on a 36" wide conveyor belt that carries material to make blocks.
2) The conveyor belt auto-stop FAILED!
3) My briefcase took off down the conveyor belt at 550 rpm.
4) On the way down the line, it was covered with 2 tons of wet sand, and traveled 110ft.
5) It was then dumped onto another conveyor where it traveled an additional 80ft up a 45 deg. incline.
6) The final stop was at the top where the 30 ton mixer is (this is where the materials get mixed to make the blocks).

All of this took place within about 30 seconds. After using padlocks to safely lock out all machinery, we found the briefcase in the mixer under 20 tons of material. The only thing that survived the ride was the bag itself, which I still bring to my sales calls.

Below is a photo of the briefcase when we pulled it out of the mixer.
Thank you again for your quality product.

Josh H.
Hattiesburg MS.