ToolPak Warranty

ToolPak's One-year Warranty.   What is That?

     Many companies offer a warranty of sorts that sounds grandiose, but none is better than the ToolPak warranty.
     I love those "Lifetime Warranties".  There's always some catch.  Who's lifetime is it anyway?  Seems like it's never MY lifetime.
   How about those "Pro-Rated Warranties"?  By the time I need warranty service my pro-rating is ZERO.
     We warrant our products to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, for a year.  That means you use our product for a year, and during that year, if you find out that you didn't get a first-quality ToolPak product, because we put it together wrong or get a bad batch of fabric, it's NOT YOUR FAULT.  We'll repair it or replace it with a new one (our call).  Free of charge.
     That's all anybody really wants, a fair shake, a good quality product for their hard earned money, but we give you a YEAR to figure out if it's made well.
     A year?  You should be able to tell in about three minutes.

What Doesn't Count as Warranty

A smashed thumb is an example of non-warranty claim.

Wear and tear.
Stuff wears out.  Wearing out isn't warranty.  If your jeans get a hole in them sliding into first base at the company softball game, that's an example of wearing out.
Abuse isn't warranty.  You hang your ToolPak on your trailer hitch and drag it down the road, even though your just forgot you did it. Stuff like that is abuse.  
Use the Right Hand Rule to determine abuse.  "Anything you can do to your Right Hand that's painful, IS ABUSE".  Chopping down the cherry tree.If you lay your torch on it, dissolve it with chemicals, run over it with a truck, cut it open, encase it in concrete (not as painful as some).  See what I mean?
If you alter your ToolPak, that's not warranty.  For example, if you cut down a cherry tree in your backyard, you can't expect the nursery you where bought it, to replace it.  That's how a tree changes into lumber. A little alteration.  That's a lesson from George Washington.
Getting Warranty Service

OK, you get the one product in that slipped through QC.  No problem.  Here's how to get service.

1) Package up your product.
2) Include a brief note as to what needs repair or replacement.  I mean brief. 
3) Include your shipping address, phone number and e-mail.Include a copy of your sales slip.
Send it to us at:  Paktek Inc.  7307--82nd Street Court SW  Lakewood WA  98498
As soon as we receive it, we'll take care of you within 24 hours!
No 83 digit code, no special RMA approval, no blood sample required. 
Well that about covers it.  Call me if you have any questions.
Mark B... and the Warranty Guy
Call 800-258-8458