Custom Manufacturing
Have Paktek Make Products for You
Paktek can put a name on a single ToolPak Original or custom label hundreds of ToolPaks for company technicians. 

Lennox NAS Logo on ToolPakTrane Logo on ToolPakWe create unique products for manufacturing facilities as well as custom products used to organize kits of tools. 
Consider labeling ToolPak products with your company's logo to identify your technicians when they arrive on site, adding a flair of professionalism. Pick Cart

In addition, Paktek performs contract work for a variety of industries, including the HVAC, phamaceutical and petroleum industries, colleges, various Trade School training programs and school districts, hunt-test equipment, the wide variety of GSA customers, the US ARMY, National Guard,  the Forest Service and theAir Force Academy.

Paktek Inc. can provide all the necessary steps to create your custom products including, pattern design, creating prototypes and producing your products in production runs as few as one hundred or by the thousands.Hunt Test Dog Blind with Hunterthe dog
Custom Emergency Kits
We also assemble custom made kits using ToolPak products as the base organizer.
To the right is a Disaster Response Kit made for local school districts.

Contact Paktek at (800) 258-8458 or by EMAIL at to discuss your individual needs.